Payment Terms and Cancellations

Unshackled App, LLC. (UA) delivers and is paid for its products or services by its customers through the UA website and it’s managed payment portal. Payments are accepted by UA by credit card, as agreed between UA and the customer. UA accepts payment in full for any purchased products or services, or limited installment payments. In any case, all payments must be made in full prior to delivery of all customer final approved products or services.

In the event payment, whether in full or partial, has been made and the customer has notified UA in writing, within the 30-Day money-back guarantee period, that is canceling the purchase of UA products and services, UA will retain a $500 administration fee to cover fees and services rendered before cancelling all future recurring charges on a Client’s credit card and refund any payments previously made by the customer after the administration fee is charged. No further services or products will be created, delivered or provided to the customer upon such notification, and the customer shall not have any right, title or interest in the use of any materials previously submitted to the customer for review or approval. No further charges will be incurred by the customer or charged by UA as of the date of such notification.

Customers of UA that initiate a purchase through UA’s payment gateway by credit card agree that the purchase price paid can and will be authorized as either a one-time payment in full, or as a recurring periodic payment, depending on the option selected by the customer at the time of purchase as indicated on the UA Purchase website pageIn the event the credit card does not authorize the next scheduled recurring charge, UA will notify the customer and request an updated means of payment for the recurring charge(s). If the customer declines or otherwise fails to provide an updated means of payment, the products or services contracted to be provided by UA will be immediately cancelled.